Blog Recap: Kelowna Lavender Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift!

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Blog Recap: Kelowna Lavender Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift!

We cannot believe that it is already December! It feels like just yesterday that we were finishing our first harvest and prepping Lavender Jack’s for its opening day. This year has been huge for our Kelowna lavender farm in terms of growth and development. Over the course of the last eleven months, we’ve unveiled new products, opened a storefront, and been able to get two successful harvests from our plants. 

In lieu of the end of the year, we thought that it would be best to end off this year’s blog content with a recap of everything we have written. This way, you can get a closer look at what we’ve done in 2023. Follow along below to get a taste of what we wrote over the past few months.

Looking Back on Winter and Spring on Our Kelowna Lavender Farm

Jan – How to Cook With Culinary Lavender for Sale

Lavender has another use beyond its therapeutic and beauty benefits. Using lavender in the culinary arts can bring wonderful dimensions to any dish. In this article, we discussed how to cook with lavender!

Feb – The Future of Kelowna Lavender for Sale!

Anyone who has ordered Kelowna lavender sale with us before the opening of Lavender Jack’s would know that our farm was strictly online wholesale. However, in February we wrote an article revealing our secret new addition. In this article, we spotlighted Lavender Jack’s. 

Mar – Lavender in Kelowna for Beverages!

Did you know that lavender is a delicious addition to beverages? If not, we’re here to tell you about the awesomeness of lavender-infused drinks! With the holiday season in full effect, this is definitely an article you’ll want to re-read. In this post, we went over some of the best beverages to infuse with lavender! 

Apr – What Else is Blooming on our Okanagan Lavender Farm?

When spring finally sprung, we decided to highlight some of the flowers that were growing on our farm (besides lavender, of course). This year, we noticed that our tulips had been doing particularly well, so we decided to make April’s blog article a feature about tulips. Check it out if you haven’t already!

May – Okanagan Lavender for Sale for Weddings!

Planning on getting married in 2024? If you are, you should know that lavender is a great floral option for any kind of wedding. Whether you are looking for something to add to your bouquets or a fun way to spice up drinks and food. In this article, we went over all of the ways that lavender can be incorporated into your wedding. 

Rewinding to Summer and Fall

Jun – An Update on Our Lavender Farm in the Okanagan!

Missing the summer heat? Take a look back at this June blog post where we featured some of the plants and animals that were flourishing on our property. From lilacs to marmots, our farm was full of life this year!

Jul – Harvesting Lavender in the Okanagan!

The 2022 winter in the Okanagan took a toll on many farmers’ crops across the valley. However, we were thankful that our plants were some of the few that survived the long, and cold winter. In this article, wrote all about cutting and maintaining your lavender plants. 

Aug – All About Drying Lavender for Sale in the Okanagan

In its dried form, lavender presents many opportunities for culinary, health, and wellness uses. To help all of our first-timers, we detailed everything you need to know about drying lavender on a small scale in this blog post!

Sept – MKL and Lavender Jack’s Have New Lavender Products for Sale!

This year, we worked hard to expand our line of products with some items we knew you’d love! From oils to branded merchandise, we are doing it all! In this article, we gave a shop update of our latest lavender products for sale. 

Oct – Our Okanagan Lavender Farm is Selling Lemonade!

At McKinley Lavender Farm, we’ve been developing our very own, signature lavender lemonade. While it is not available just yet, we thought it would be a good idea to get our readers excited about this new line of products.

Nov – Give the Gift of Lavender for Sale in Kelowna!

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift? Then we encourage you to check out this post! Here, we go over a list of lavender gift ideas and their benefits! Check it out now. 

Contact us Today About Kelowna Lavender!

Kelowna lavender is the perfect holiday gift to give your loved ones. Our farm is going to be offering a whole new line of products for you to enjoy in 2024! Be sure to stay tuned to our social media, website, and blog for the latest updates about what’s happening on our farm in the New Year! As always, if you have any questions about purchasing lavender for sale in Kelowna, feel free to contact us. Or, if you have any inquiries about Lavender Jack’s, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you to all of our supporters for another awesome year! We look forward to continuing to supply you with local lavender products. Happy holidays everyone!

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