Bulk Dried Lavender Buds

Bulk Dried Lavender Buds

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Mixed variety of lavender buds and stems sold by the cup:

Great for:

  • Wedding favours
  • Sachets
  • Craft projects
  • Scenting
  • Can be used in culinary applications, however, Culinary is best for edible products
  • Approximately 32c per bag
  • $8 per cup

Please keep in mind that lavender buds are sold in volume not weight!! 



More About Bulk Dried Lavender Buds from MKL Farm!

These mixed bags of bulk dried lavender buds will have an outstanding scent that will last for years – especially when taken care of!  We machine and hand sift our bulk dried lavender to remove the dried buds from the stems of each flower.

Did you know that all parts of the lavender plant have a high concentration of scent?

Lavender’s universally favored scent make it a commonly found ingredient in commercial health and beauty products.  The scent is very pleasing to so many people from around the globe. Order this if you want lavender as the primary forward scent in your soaps, candles, bath bombs, lotions etc. When used in a large wholesale quantity, lavender buds will provide you with a very strong scent. Virtually any commercial product you’re making or crafting will benefit from the use of these mixed buds.  It’s important to note, if you’re product needs to be scent, colour and texture forward you don’t need stem and debris free buds. In fact, it’s very beneficial to keep some of the stem, leaves, dried lavender flowers and buds in the mix.  This is especially true if you’re looking to create a strong scent of lavender for your cosmetic or health product.

The lavender buds are what contain the oil, which makes them very desirable for culinary use. Lavender is a fragrance preferred and recognized around the world for it’s strong lavender aroma is also found in other parts of this herbaceous plant. Remember, lavender is a herb, so it doesn’t follow the same rules as most other scented flowers.  Therefore, we can smell lavender in all parts of the plant making it so desirable for millions of commercial scents from lavender scented cleaning products, lavender cosmetics, even health and beauty.

We Can Ship Dried Lavender Buds anywhere in North America!

After you place your order we will contact you with a quote for shipping. Carrier’s are selected based on where your location is in North America and the size of your order. Our goal is to always get you the best price and value when matching you with a suitable logistics company.

Here are some example uses for bulk dried lavender buds:

Bulk dried lavender buds are perfect for making lavender scented soaps, lavender scented oils, lavender scented sachets, lavender scented candles, lavender scented cleaning products, lavender scented spray, lavender scented mist, lavender scented linen spray, lavender scented lotions, lavender scented shampoos, lavender scented hair care products, lavender scented sleep aide, lavender scented sleep masks, lavender scented and more.

Buds & Stems Dried Lavender Bud Calculator

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Commonly Used Conversion Chart for Dry Goods

Use this handy chart when planning for your lavender project. We suggest using a measuring cup and a grain, such as rice to determine how much dried lavender you will need for each item.

Cups Grams Ounces
1/8 c (2 tbsp) 5 g 0.17 oz
1/4 cup 7.5 g 0.26 oz
1/3 cup 9.9 g 0.35 oz
1/2 cup 15 g 0.52 oz
2/3 cup 20 g 0.70 oz
3/4 cup 22.5 g 0.8 oz
1 cup 30 g 1.05 oz

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6.5 × 18 in

32 cup bakery bag


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