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English Lavender/Farm Life/Syrup

Join the Lavender Syrup Waitlist!

The waitlist is now closed. Please order syrup here!

The wait is almost over! Buy farm-made lavender syrup made from real ingredients!

Are you ready to buy some farm-made lavender syrup? We’ve got a small batch of our spring lavender syrup getting labeled and ready for shipping. If you’ve been patiently waiting since we announced the first culinary lavender product in our lineup then you can start planning all the fun, yummy beverages you can make from this simple spring syrup. Our spring syrup is the lightest in our lineup. It has less added sugar and the same great English culinary lavender flavour that we’ve been promising.

Use it to flavour coffee, and beverages or add to sparkling water for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. Our spring lavender syrup is what dreamy drinks are made of and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

Add your name to the list using the form below, if you haven’t signed up yet! You’ll receive an email when the website shop is updated and the syrup is ready to ship. And stay tuned because next up is our Lavender Lemonade Syrup and Original Lavender Simple Syrup. We’re just getting started!

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Looking to order wholesale lavender syrup for your coffee shop or establishment?

We would love to partner with you! Get in touch with us to learn more about ordering wholesale from our farm to you.

Ordering lavender syrup straight from a farm is a great move for your coffee shop or bar. You get super fresh, high-quality syrup with a unique flavor that sets your drinks and dishes apart. Plus, you’ll be supporting local farmers and sustainable practices, which is a big win for the environment and your community. It’s also a cool selling point for customers who love the farm-to-table vibe. You can create special menu items, tell the story behind the syrup, and maybe even snag some exclusive deals with us at the farm. All in all, it’s a tasty and smart choice for your business!