Lavender Sprays

Lavender sprays for sale come in many different names but the technical term is Hydrosol. You can call it a mist, spray, spritz, or whatever you like!  Lavender water is a natural by-product of distilling fresh lavender plants for oil. We use an Alembic Copper still direct from Portugal to manufacture lavender oil and lavender hydrosol in small batch quantities. In addition to distilled lavender, we also work with mint, peppermint, hydrangea, rose, and German chamomile plants. All of these heavenly garden scents are bottled into sprays and other products in our shop. We produce limited runs of each product so when it’s gone, it’s gone until our fall harvest is complete each year.

fresh lavender spray for sale
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8 Hours Lavender Spray


8 hours pure lavender spray

Lavender hydrosol (mist, spray, spritz) is distilled in small batches from fresh, French, and English lavender plants.

  • 235ml | 80z 
  • Glass jar with a mist spray top
  • Use with care

Why Fall Harvest for making lavender sprays for sale?

Our fall lavender harvest in Kelowna is our slowest harvest. Most of our wholesale dried lavender for sale is cut in the spring and what we don’t sell is stored for sale throughout the year. Our fall harvest is for product development. We use the cooler months to safely distill oils and collect hydrosol. Rosehips and expiring hydrangea are ideal at this time of year for distillation. Lavender growth from summer to fall is not quite as robust. The plants don’t make the best bundles from a fall crop, so that makes it ideal for distillation. We then use the snow-covered winter months to focus on product development.

Keep checking back because our lavender sprays for sale are always evolving and changing with each growing season.

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