Folgate Lavender (E)

Folgate Lavender plants from McKinley Lavender Farm

Folgate Lavender

Variety: English (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Name: Folgate Lavender

Height: Approximately 12″

Color: Grey-green evergreen foliage with rich, purple flower spikes

Qualities: Yields smaller amounts of oil but of higher quality & value, great for cooking!

A hard to find English variety:

Folgate is an English variety of lavender. It is a more compact plant with the typical evergreen foliage lavender is known for. The blooms are a deep purple and are highly fragrant. Folgate lavender is commonly used in culinary applications but also makes for a wonderful fresh or dried floral arrangement.

Folgate Lavender is one of the most desirable ENGLISH ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ lavenders. It’s fragrant purple blooms are highlighted by a compact evergreen with narrow foliage. Folgate is a great source of lavender oil and flower parts for culinary use due to it’s aromatic scent.