Grosso French Lavender

Grosso French Lavender

Grosso French Lavender

MKL Farm sells dried and fresh Grosso French Lavender plants and bundles.

A long stemmed French lavender variety, it’s known for its incredibly potent scent and oil production. The live plant produces a large tall spiked bloom and dries to a nice vintage pale rose colour.

Facts about Grosso French Lavender:

Variety: French (Lavandula Intermedia)

Name: Grosso

Height: 24-30″ tall

Color: Purple blooms

Qualities: Fragrant, unique dried colour, excellent for making higher yields of lavender oil

Grosso French Lavender is a commercial workhorse!

Grosso is a FRENCH ‘Lavandula Intermedia’ with fragrant, silvery-grey foliage and plump purple flowers on it’s spikes. This tall and whimsical variety of lavender is great for producing lots of essential oil. It dries to a grey silvery colour with a subtle rose/grey flower colour, which makes it a nice addition to any muted bohemian colour palette.

We love the french varieties of lavender because they are so tall and elegant looking. The impressive height of this plant makes for a stunning fresh cut flower. You can use Grosso on it’s own or mix and match it with complimentary flowers for a stunning centerpiece.  Throughout our lavender growing season, we sell a selection of dried and fresh buds and bundles. Our growing season runs from late May-September at MKL Farm.


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