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What’s the BIG difference between English and French Lavender?

Choosing between English or French Lavender is like choosing art – it’s subjective! Whether you’re selecting dried or fresh lavender for a wedding or your adding it to pastry – we’re here to tell you that there’s no pressure in getting this step right! Each variety of lavender is slightly distinct. We suggest you choose the lavender that is most appealing to your palette and your price point.  Technically there is no wrong choice!

Knowing the difference between French or English Lavender varieties will help you to plan for planting your own lavender farm, selling wholesale dried lavender in bulk or using lavender in your next big floral project.

We’ve also made an easy side by side comparison, so you can spot for yourself the big differences for each lavender type.

English or French Lavender? Which one should you choose?


Hardiness: Cold hardy varieties are available such as Hidcote Giant and Grosso which winter very well. It’s always wise to avoid climate with severely cold winters

Size: Very tall, elegant and wispy up to 3 ft

Scent: French Lavender has more of a commercially recognized scent

Colour: Most French lavender has more of a pale purple colour to it –

Dried Colour: French lavender (particularly Grosso) tends to dry to a very pretty vintage greyish purple/rose colour

Blooms: long bloom time from spring to end of summer early fall

Prune: Hard at each cut down to the wood using a hand scythe

Great for: Oils – most French varieties yield the most oil when distilled, floral (fresh or dried), bouquets, tall centrepieces, soaps, hydrosols, scented buds and stems.


Hardiness: Some English varieties of lavender are hardier than french varieties but some are less cold tolerant such as the white and pink varieties

Size: Tend to grow more short, stocky and compact – up to 2ft

Scent: Fragrant traditional lavender scent

Colour: Generally known for it’s deep purpley blues and typical lavender colour and look. Foiliage is usually an evergreen silver green

Dried Colour: Most English varieties of lavender maintain their darkish purple colour when dried

Blooms: Shorter bloom time from spring to early-mid summer

Prune: Hard at each cut down to the wood using a hand scythe. Cut early for 2nd mini blooms near end of summer

Great for: culinary use (buds and stems!), floral, bouquets, dried bundles


english or french lavender

Choosing between English or French Lavender is easy!

Bulk dried lavender delivered
directly to your door!

English or French lavender is perfect for cooking, crafting, and basking in!

Are you looking to sell or manufacture products using lavender? Look no further! McKinley Lavender Farm grows, bundles, and ships lavender from our farm to your door! Whether you want to sell at the markets, make your own products, or even plant your own lavender farm we can help fulfill your orders. Our lavender is all-natural and hand-tended.  The quality of dried lavender bundles for sale won’t leave you disappointed!

Lavender is an herbaceous flowering plant that thrives in hot, dry climates, making it perfect for growing here under the hot Okanagan sunshine. While most lavender lovers conjure up an image of expansive fields of waist high purple lavender from somewhere in the South of France; Lavender is also fast becoming an Okanagan export. The rumour is this hardy drought tolerant crop which is commonly used in cosmetics, candles, and oils will soon be on par with the local Okanagan wine industry!  Want to keep up with us in real time? Follow along with our posts on Instagram!

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