Bulk Buds & Stems

Bulk Lavender Buds & Stems

McKinley Lavender Farm has both culinary and commercial bulk wholesale lavender buds for sale. We ship our lavender buds in wholesale quantities within North America.  Lavender buds and stems are used in a variety of applications from high end culinary use to commercial and industrial products, scents and apothecary. Our lavender buds and stems are collected from some of our eleven varieties of lavender grown on our farm. We use a lavender sorting machine to carefully sift the buds from the stalk of the lavender plant.

We offer two types of bulk lavender buds for sale. Culinary lavender buds are triple sifted to ensure the cleanest buds with the least amount of stem and debris are packaged. Craft, commercial and industrial buds are packaged with a healthy mix of buds and stems. It is important to note that stems carry just as much scent and can be used in any infusion methods just the same as lavender bud. It is a common misconception to assume buds are the primary ingredient to achieve a great scented lavender product.

dried bulk lavender buds
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Bulk Dried Lavender Buds


Save time and get that highly coveted lavender scent for your next commercial craft and apothecary project!  We sell bulk dried lavender buds in quantities small enough for an Etsy creator and large enough for any health and beauty producer. We use a blend of hand and machine sifted dried lavender in our mixed buds.  We also choose to include a mix of parts of the plant. You will find our mix contains stems, flowers, leaves, and buds. This mixture allows for the highest concentration of lavender aroma in your project.  These mixed bags of non-culinary lavender all have an outstanding scent that will last for years!

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See below for all the uses of dried lavender, as well as tips on how to calculate how much lavender you need for your product. Please keep in mind that lavender buds are sold in volume not weight!!

We can ship dried lavender products anywhere in North America!

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