Sweet Fruity Violet – Hidcote Blue – Dried Lavender Buds

Sweet Fruity Violet – Hidcote Blue – Dried Lavender Buds


Hidcote Blue lavender buds come packaged in a 1-cup glass jar with a screw top lid for your convenience. This variety is ideal for use in the kitchen!


Sweet Fruity Violet – Hidcote Blue – Dried Lavender Buds for Sale

Sweet, fruity, and rich. This English lavender variety is highly recommended for your culinary pursuits.  Buds are from freshly hand-harvested stems that are rack-dried to perfection before buds are plucked and sorted. Packed in a sealed glass jar with an easy screw top in a one-cup quantity, because a little lavender goes a long way! Hidcote Blue lavender has long been the culinary lavender of choice for top chefs around the world. You can’t go wrong with this sought-after variety.

MKL lavender buds are packaged according to variety. This keeps your scenting, cooking, baking, and crafting consistent every time. We also offer wholesale buds that are a mix of buds and stems for large commercial projects. For more on our wholesale buds get in touch. The McKinley Lavender Farm does not use pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals in our farming process.

Sweet Fruity and Violet Lavender buds!

Okanagan grown, Lavandula Angustifolia. All lavender from McKinley Lavender Farm is hand-harvested. These are English lavender buds.  Follow along on Instagram to see what’s new in the shop at Lavender Jack’s.

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Weight .456 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3.75 in


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