Culinary Lavender Buds

Culinary Lavender Buds


Chefs rejoice we have high quality English lavender buds for your culinary pursuits available for a limited time! Our culinary lavender buds sell out fast every year, so stock up while you can!

Our culinary lavender has the sweetest fragrance among all species of lavender, which creates flavor in cooking. We only package our English plants for culinary use. The flower buds from these varieties give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavor. Choose your size depending on the amount of baking, cooking and imbibing you plan on doing by referencing the dry goods chart below!

Warning – cooking with lavender is highly addictive. Great for tea making, simple syrup, and whatever your imagination can cook up!

Our culinary buds come shipped in a 1 cup glass jar and are sealed tight with a lid to ensure they arrive fresh. Order’s are packaged 12 to a box. Minimum order is one box or 12 jars (approx. 12 cups | 1536g | 1.5 kg | 3.38lbs).

We Ship Everywhere in North America!


More About Culinary Lavender Buds from MKL Farm!

We grow, package and sell culinary lavender buds collected from our English lavender plant varieties from our farm. Culinary lavender is triple sifted in order to ensure that the buds are mostly clean from stem, leaf and other plant debris. The end result is a deep purple, highly scented herb pretty enough to include in every dish, sauce, pastry and syrup you can dream up!

Did you know that all parts of the lavender plant have a high concentration of scent?

Culinary lavender buds are very desirable for culinary use. While Lavender is a fragrance preferred and recognized around the world. It’s aroma and subtle taste make it a unique addition to recipes as well. It’s true that the strong lavender aroma is found in other parts of this herbaceous plant. But you must remember, lavender is a herb, so it doesn’t follow the same rules as most other scented flowers.  Therefore, we can smell lavender in all parts of the plant making it so desirable for a variety of recipes and dishes.

The scent from lavender is very pleasing and the taste is a unique citrusy organic taste. Order this if you are looking for something different for your menu. It’s also a great choice for anyone looking to make unique simple syrup combinations for hot or cold drinks. If you want lavender as the primary forward scent in your pastries, syrups, sauces or garnish then using culinary lavender is a nice choice.

It’s important to note, if you’re menu needs to be scent, colour and texture forward you don’t need 100% stem and debris free buds. In fact, it’s very beneficial ad common to find a small quantity of stems, leaves, dried lavender flowers and buds in your culinary mix.

We Can Ship Culinary Lavender Buds anywhere in North America!

After you place your order we will contact you with a quote for shipping. Carrier’s are selected based on where your location is in North America and the size of your order. Our goal is to always get you the best price and value when matching you with a suitable logistics company.

Here are some example uses for wholesale priced culinary lavender buds:

Culinary lavender buds are ideal for creating unique recipes and menu items for your restaurant, cafe or coffee shop. Culinary lavender is a great product for those looking to offer up something different for their customers.  You can encourage your customers to try new recipes flavoured with culinary lavender including lavender pastries, lavender simple syrups, lavender cookies, lavender shortbread, lavender chicken, lavender sorbet, lavender salad dressing, lavender icing, lavender brittle, lavender lemonade, lavender sauce, lavender sugar, lavender spritzers, lavender ice cream, lavender cake or use lavender garnish to add a hit of purple to your finished dish!

Commonly Used Conversion Chart for Dry Goods

Use this handy chart when planning for your lavender project. We suggest using a measuring cup and a grain, such as rice to determine how much dried lavender you will need for each recipe you are developing. Visit our blog to find lavender recipes!

1/8 c (2 tbsp)16 g.563 oz
1/4 cup32 g1.13 oz
1/3 cup43 g1.5 oz
1/2 cup64 g2.25 oz
2/3 cup85 g3 oz
3/4 cup96 g3.38 oz
1 cup128 g4.5 oz

Additional information

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 4 in

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