Lavender Bouquets & Bundles

Lavender bouquets for sale or bundles as we call them around here are our flagship product. You’ve probably seen weak-looking sprigs of lavender at the grocery store or floral shop. These sparse-looking lavender bundles don’t hold a candle to a McKinley Lavender dried lavender bundle. Ours are very large at approximately 250 stems per bundle. It’s important to note our drying process which allows us to get such big bouquets out to customers free of mould. If you’ve ever tried to dry a big lavender bundle by throwing an elastic band around it and hanging it to dry you may not have the best smelling lavender you can get. Big bundles that haven’t been thoroughly dried can have all sorts of surprises when you break them apart. Ordering lavender bouquets and bundles from McKinley is your ticket to avoiding disappointment and having perfectly dried lavender for years to come!

fresh lavender bundles kelowna
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Fresh Lavender Bundles – Local Pickup Only


Fresh Autumn Harvest Lavender bundles are ready in very limited quantities! Local pickup is offered in Kelowna at Lavender Jack’s!

Place your order and pick up your fresh lavender bundles 24-48 hours later.

No minimums required!

Local pick-up only while they last!

lavender bouquets for sale
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Dried Lavender Bundle


Single Sized Dried Lavender Bundle

Dried lavender bundles make great gifts for anyone who craves that unique lavender scent! Bring back the memories of summer walking through fields of lavender with one of our freshly dried lavender bundles from our Okanagan lavender farm! These are large, single bundles. They arrive in an MKL floral cone with a McKinley Lavender Farm hang tag. These are great gifts that will make anyone happy.

Now available to order in single bundles below!

Are you looking for wholesale-sized bulk lavender orders?

lavender bouquet english
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Box of 3 English Lavender Bouquets


Lavender Bouquet in a Box – English

Box of three English lavender bundles in a gift box

  • English varieties only could include any of the following – Super, Hidcote, Deep Purple Lavance or Munstead varieties
  • Box measures 6″x6″x18″
mixed lavender bouquet
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Box of 3 Mixed Lavender Bouquets


Lavender Bouquet in a Box – Mixed

Box of three Mixed lavender bouquets in a gift box

  • Mixed boxes include at least one dried French bundle and one dried English lavender bundle, plus one additional bundle
  • Box measures 6″x6″x18″
french lavender bouquet
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Box of 3 French Lavender Bouquets


Lavender Bouquet in a Box – French

Box of three French lavender bouquets in a gift box

  • French boxes include dried Phenomenal lavender bundles
  • Box measures 6″x6″x18″

Why Rack Drying for Lavender bouquets and bundles?

All of our lavender bouquets for sale at McKinley Lavender Farm are rack-dried. We don’t bundle first and hang to dry. Not only does this promote mould but it also tends to lessen the bud count on stems because they are compressed. Rack drying ensures that the stems and buds get proper airflow. It also allows us to properly pack and store dried lavender for sale for future months and not have to worry about freshness.

Are you looking for wholesale lavender in a quantity of 20 or more bundles? Go here to order now!

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