Box of 3 Mixed Lavender Bouquets

Box of 3 Mixed Lavender Bouquets


Lavender Bouquet in a Box – Mixed

Box of three Mixed lavender bouquets in a gift box

  • Mixed boxes include at least one dried French bundle and one dried English lavender bundle, plus one additional bundle
  • Box measures 6″x6″x18″


Lavender bouquet in a gift box – Mixed

There’s nothing better than seeing someone smile when they’re gifted a box of three mixed lavender bouquets from McKinley Lavender Farm! These dried bundles offer the best selection of dried lavender because you get an assortment of varieties. This makes it easy for gift giving when you can’t make up your mind between French and English varieties. Our mixed lavender boxes come with at least one French bouquet, one English bouquet, and one ‘other’ bouquet of dried lavender. The other could be anything from an English Munstead, to a rare White Ellagance bundle. So when you can’t quite decide go for a box of mixed bouquets and relish in how unique each lavender bouquet looks and smells.

Lavender bouquets can last for years when you store them properly.

The nice thing about gifting someone a box of dried lavender bouquets is that they will last forever. Whether they stay stored in their beautiful box or they’re placed in a vase in your home dried lavender will not rot or die. The biggest risk to a dried lavender bundle is excessive movement which will cause buds to shed, and direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause your lavender buds and stems to fade in colour. Keeping them out of direct sunlight will help to preserve the scent and colour. Follow along on Instagram for more tips!

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 in


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