Box of 3 French Lavender Bouquets

Box of 3 French Lavender Bouquets


Lavender Bouquet in a Box – French

Box of three French lavender bouquets in a gift box

  • French boxes include dried Phenomenal lavender bundles
  • Box measures 6″x6″x18″


Lavender bouquet in a gift box – French

McKinley Lavender Farm is excited to offer dried French lavender bouquets in a beautiful gift box! This is an amazing gift either for yourself or a friend. Dried lavender keeps for years when stored properly out of direct sunlight. Use your bouquets all together in a vase or keep them on display in the gorgeous MKL packaging. There are many uses for dried lavender in your home. You can roll the bouquets so that the buds gently roll off the stems, and then collect and use them in a sachet for your top drawer. Or trim the stems nice and short, separate the stems, and place them around the home in bud jars. Whatever you do with your box of French lavender you’ll enjoy the scent year round when you purchase a box. If you’ve been searching for a unique gift for birthdays, housewarmings, or client appreciation then you’ve discovered a fun present that is always well-received.

Dried French lavender bouquets can be stored for years

We advise customers who have purchased a box of dried French lavender bouquets to keep it in a dry location. Never place fresh or dried bouquets of lavender in water. They will rot and get mouldy, which will ruin the stems of the bouquet. Always place your bundle in a dry vessel and out of direct sunlight for added longevity. Lavender will shed buds, especially when moved or disturbed. Don’t worry! There will still be lots of buds on your stems if by chance you find a stem that has no buds (rare) then just pull it out and throw it away. Our lavender bundles are huge, so you won’t run out of lavender. Follow along on Instagram for more tips!

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 in


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