Dried Lavender Bundle

Dried Lavender Bundle


Single Sized Dried Lavender Bundle

Dried lavender bundles make great gifts for anyone who craves that unique lavender scent! Bring back the memories of summer walking through fields of lavender with one of our freshly dried lavender bundles from our Okanagan lavender farm! These are large, single bundles. They arrive in an MKL floral cone with a McKinley Lavender Farm hang tag. These are great gifts that will make anyone happy.

Now available to order in single bundles below!

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Now available to purchase in single bundles!

Super Blue English Dried Lavender bundle

Super blue dried lavender bundles are a mid-length stem variety. Taller, and dainty but with that deep purple English colour and scent. The Super Blue is a great in-between variety. Stunning in vases and the perfect size to work with because it’s not too small and not too big. Super Blue maintains its deep colour when dried and has a sweet, lavender scent.

Phenomenal French Dried Lavender bundle

French Phenomenal is a tall stemmed variety. If you’re looking for extra large sizing then reach out to us because we can cut and ship this variety in 2ft (24″) lengths. The French has a common lavender scent popular in soaps and many other beauty products. When fresh it produces the most oil of any variety we carry. The French Phenomenal is a show stopper on its own in a vase because it is so large and commanding. Make a statement with dried Phenomenal lavender bundles.

Deep Purple Lavance English Dried Lavender bundle

McKinley Lavender Farm’s newest variety and quickly becoming our favourite. This dried lavender bundle is a medium-stemmed variety with an incredibly deep purple bud that maintains its colour when dried. The scent is very sweet and unique. As a result, if you’ve never experienced this variety we highly recommend giving it a try. Beautiful colour for dried arrangements!

Hidcote Blue Dried Lavender bundle

Dried Hidcote Blue Lavender bundles are popular for gifting. Hidcote Blue Lavender is a short-stemmed English variety often referred to as True Lavender. This is the traditional lavender scent you’ve been searching for. These dried bundles are short and full of deep purple-blue floral, dried blooms.  The Hidcote Blue Lavender looks the closest to fresh lavender when dried. It has an aromatic lavender scent and the buds from Hidcote are preferred when it comes to using lavender in recipes for cooking. Baking with Hidcote Blue unleashes a sweet taste making it ideal for syrups, and baking.

Whether you’re buying dried lavender to keep in a vase or you want to use the buds in your kitchen, you can never go wrong with Hidcote Blue! Visit us on Instagram for more news and products!

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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in

Hidcote Blue, Lavance Deep Purple, Phenomenal, Super Blue


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