Lavender Oil

McKinley Lavender Farm has been experimenting with various lavender oil products since our early days. We’re now excited to launch our first cold-pressed lavender oil for sale in two convenient sizes. We distill lavender plants using our copper alembic still from Portugal. This produces a limited amount of pure lavender oil.  While, many covet pure lavender oil for product development like candles and for other scenting products, we wanted to deliver something different.

Pure lavender oil applied directly to your skin can cause burning and irritation. It’s especially rough on children and pets. That’s why we’ve developed an amazing to-use, gentler lavender oil through our cold-pressed method. It takes longer to produce but the end result is something we are very happy to pass along to customers. Read more about how we make cold-pressed lavender oil below and shop our two lavender oil sizes below!

best organic lavender oil for sale
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Cold-Pressed Lavender Oil – 10ml


Cold-pressed lavender oil in a convenient 10 ml/.5 oz travel size. See below for more details.

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Cold-Pressed Lavender Oil – 120ml


Cold-pressed lavender oil in a large 120ml size for when you don’t want to run out! Read more about how we make this popular product below!

What goes into a Cold-pressed lavender oil?

Lavender oil is perhaps the most sought-after product for lavender lovers. It’s a gentle scent with amazing beneficial qualities. We make our lavender oils using a combination of methods. The first step we take in the process is using fresh lavender mixed with Grapeseed carrier oil imported from Italy. This is all put together in a machine and infused in very small batches over the course of several hours.

Next, the oil and plant material is extracted from the machine by hand and pressed through cheesecloth into individual quarts. The quarts are packed tightly with lavender buds and then sealed and stored for 3 months time. When 3 months have passed the oil is then pressed again through cheesecloth and bottled into vessels for purchase. It’s a long process that produces silky-smooth, oil and a heavenly lavender scent.

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