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cooking lavender for sale
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Culinary Lavender Buds

$ 40.00
  • USD: $30.29

Chefs rejoice we have high quality English lavender buds for your culinary pursuits available for a limited time! Our culinary lavender buds sell out fast every year, so stock up while you can!

Our culinary lavender has the sweetest fragrance among all species of lavender, which creates flavor in cooking. We only package our English Hidcote plant for culinary use. The flowers, stems and leaves of Hidcote give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavor. Choose your size depending on the amount of baking, cooking and imbibing you plan on doing!

Warning – cooking with lavender is highly addictive. Great for tea making, simple syrup, and whatever your imagination cooks up!

Our culinary buds come shipped in a 1 cup glass jar and are sealed tight with a lid to ensure they arrive fresh. Order’s are packaged 4 to a box. Minimum order is one box or 4 jars (approx. 4 cups).

We Ship Everywhere in North America!

english culinary lavender for sale
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Dried Lavender Buds

$ 25.00
  • USD: $18.93

If you’re looking to save time on your craft and apothecary projects then look no further than our pre-packaged dried lavender buds. Your jar of dried lavender buds are a mixed variety of high quality dried buds from our Super and Phenomenal plants. These mixed bags of non-culinary lavender all have an outstanding scent that will last for years!

Perfect for making, soaps, oils, sachets and more.

Free Shipping in North America!

Lavender Bundles for weddings
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Dried Lavender Bundle

$ 10.00 $ 8.00
  • USD: $6.06

Lavender bundles are a whimsical choice for your wedding or summer floral arrangements. Lavender is also used in your culinary and home apothecary. Great for essential oils and handmade soaps!

Choose between Grosso, Royal Velvet, Folgate, Phenomenal, Hidcote, Super or a mix of all varieties of dried Lavender.

Bundle sizes vary and are approximately 150 stems and 13″ length depending on the variety you choose.


We Ship Everywhere in North America!

Lavender Bundles for weddings
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Pre Order 2020 – Dried Wholesale Lavender Bundles

$ 8.00
  • USD: $6.06

If you’re looking to get a jump start on your Spring farmer’s markets, marketing and more then don’t wait to secure your wholesale order of bulk dried lavender bundles now for shipping in 2020! Grown and cultivated right here in Canada without pesticides or chemicals. Hand cut, bundled, dried and packaged for a superior product to ensure you have peace of mind. Select from one of 6 varieties of dried lavender or mix and match for more selection.

We ship dried lavender all over North America! Prices shown by default in CAD!

Dried lavender is amazing for a multitude of crafts, floral arrangements, cosmetics, candle making and more! We sell our lavender out every year, so order early to avoid disappointment!