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dried bulk lavender buds
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Bulk Dried Lavender Buds


Mixed variety of lavender buds and stems sold by the cup:

Great for:

  • Wedding favours
  • Sachets
  • Craft projects
  • Scenting
  • Can be used in culinary applications, however, Culinary is best for edible products
  • Approximately 32c per bag
  • $8 per cup

Please keep in mind that lavender buds are sold in volume not weight!! 

fresh lavender bundles kelowna
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Fresh Lavender Bundles – Local Pickup Only


Fresh Autumn Harvest Lavender bundles are ready in very limited quantities! Local pickup is offered in Kelowna at Lavender Jack’s!

Place your order and pick up your fresh lavender bundles 24-48 hours later.

No minimums required!

Local pick-up only while they last!

lavender bouquets for sale
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Dried Lavender Bundle


Single Sized Dried Lavender Bundle

Dried lavender bundles make great gifts for anyone who craves that unique lavender scent! Bring back the memories of summer walking through fields of lavender with one of our freshly dried lavender bundles from our Okanagan lavender farm! These are large, single bundles. They arrive in an MKL floral cone with a McKinley Lavender Farm hang tag. These are great gifts that will make anyone happy.

Now available to order in single bundles below!

Are you looking for wholesale-sized bulk lavender orders?

Super Blue Dried Lavender Bundles
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Dried Bundles :: Super Blue Lavender Bundles


Dried Super Blue Lavender Bundles are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of twenty bundles per order.

Super Blue Lavender is a highly fragrant variety with violet-blue dainty and delicate blooms and slightly wider leaves than most other varieties.

hidcote blue lavender flowers
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Dried Bundles :: Hidcote Blue Lavender


Dried Hidcote Blue Lavender Flowers are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of twenty bundles per order.

Hidcote Blue is an ENGLISH variety of ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ that sees dark blue-purple flowers on medium spikes. Hidcote Blue flowers in mid-summer. It is an excellent variety for drying. Height 12″-18″

Phenomenal dried lavender bundles
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Dried Bundles :: Phenomenal Lavender


Dried Phenomenal Lavender Bundles are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of twenty bundles per order.

Phenomenal Lavender is a FRENCH ‘Lavandula Intermedia’ with elegant, sweetly fragrant mounds of silver foliage. Phenomenal lavender produces tall purple-blue flowering spikes with outstanding ornamental and culinary qualities. Dried it looks lighter than other varieties. We offer Phenomenal Lavender cut in two sizes:

14″ – the smaller sized Phenomenal bundles are cut to ship easily in a standard sized box. They’re not full height from the plant.

24″ – the larger sized Phenomenal bundles are full size at almost 2 feet in height. They’re shipped full size and require oversized postage in most cases.

culinary lavender-buds
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Culinary Lavender Buds – Wholesale


Chefs rejoice we have high-quality English lavender buds for your culinary pursuits available for a limited time! Our culinary lavender buds sell out fast every year, so stock up while you can!

Lavender buds are sold by volume not weight!

Culinary Lavender is:

  • Hand-harvested from English Hidcote Blue plants
  • 3x machine sorted
  • 1x hand sorted
  • Packaged by the cup in food-safe bakery bags
  • Lasts for several years when properly stored
  • Sweet, deep purple in colour, very fragrant
  • Retails for $40 per cup
  • Wholesale $24 per cup
  • 32c per bag
  • Please contact us if you need another quantity and we can arrange for a custom order

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Dried Bundles :: Deep Purple Lavance Lavender


Dried Deep Purple Lavance Lavender Flowers are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Deep Purple Lavance dried lavender bundles are deep in a traditional purple lavender colour.

  • beautiful when dried
  • sweet grape scent
  • customer favourite
best organic lavender oil for sale
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Cold-Pressed Lavender Oil – 10ml


Cold-pressed lavender oil in a convenient 10 ml/.5 oz travel size. See below for more details.

lavender sachets for weddings
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Lavender Sachet – DIY Kit – Natural


Our DIY lavender sachet kit includes the following for you to assemble:

  1. Resealable, zip lock, stand-up, white, Kraft paper, food-safe bag
    1. Size: 5.9″ x 8.6″ or 14.986 cm x 21.844 cm
    2. Filled with 3 cups or 384 grams (dry) of fragrant mixed English and French lavender bud & stem mix – highly concentrated lavender scent for your top drawer!
  2. Linen burlap sachet bags with drawstring
    1. Size: Sachets measure 3.5″ x 4.7″ or 8.89 cm x 11.938cm
    2. 6 empty sachets are included for you to fill – suggested fill is 1/2 cup or 64 grams (dry)
hero ceramic rose mug lavender jacks
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Big Ceramic Coffee Mug


Big Ceramic Coffee Mugs 

  • Rose coloured with chocolate logo
  • 20 0z
  • Big Ceramic Coffee Mugs are available in 4 colours
  • Smooth sipping and easy to hold, these mugs make mornings glorious!
kelowna oxford pennant
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Kelowna Oxford Pennant


Kelowna Oxford Pennant

Gifting is made easy with a Kelowna Oxford Pennant! Give them something different and memorable!



ok valley pennant hang loose
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OK Valley Oxford Pennant


OK Valley Oxford Pennant

Hang it up and remember the good times you’ve had or are having right now in the OK Valley.



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