Lavender Super Blue

Super Blue lavender plant

Super Blue Lavender

Variety: English (Lavandula angustifolia)

Name: Super Blue

Height: 12-17″ stems

Color: Grey-green foliage with rich, deep blue flower spikes appearing on short stems

Qualities: Some of the largest blooms in the Lavandula family, yields smaller amounts of oil but of higher quality & value, great for cooking!

One of the longest of the English variety:

The super blue lavender is known for just that – it has a super purple blue color making it a striking choice for dried bouquets and arrangements. It’s scent is also one of the most original English lavender scents making it a great choice for oils or any use where the scent of lavender needs to be undoubtedly lavender like.

Super Blue Lavender is a highly fragrant ENGLISH ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ with violet-blue blooms and wider leaves than most other varieties.