White Ellagance Lavender (E)

White Ellagance Lavender plant

White Ellagance Lavender

Variety: English (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Name: White Ellagance Lavender

Height: 14″ tall

Color: White blooms with rich gray-green foliage

Qualities: Aromatic white flowers

White Ellagance makes a unique choice for Weddings!

Another new lavender variety at MKL farm!  With it’s white long flowering blooms this variety of lavender is a conversation starter!  It’s tough to find in other colours so this makes White Ellagance lavender a sought after variety that sells out very quickly. It is so beautiful on it’s own or mixed with other flowers. 

White Ellagance Lavender is an ENGLISH ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ and Fleuroselect award winner! White Ellagance is a unique variety of lavender with large, dense white flower spikes along rich gray-green foliage. White Ellagance has a soothing aromatic scent and has long flowering blooms. It makes a very unique cut flower for weddings!