8 Hours Lavender Spray

8 Hours Lavender Spray


8 hours pure lavender spray

Lavender hydrosol (mist, spray, spritz) is distilled in small batches from fresh, French, and English lavender plants.

  • 235ml | 80z 
  • Glass jar with a mist spray top
  • Use with care


8Hours Pure Lavender Spray

This hydrosol is a nod to nodding off in peace.  8hours is our pure lavender spray. It’s a combination of water from distilled French and English lavender from the McKinley Lavender Farm, fall lavender harvest. The 8hours lavender spray is a beautiful scent break within your day. Spritz a little into the air space before bed, or mist over your linen for a serene bed time aroma. The scent will take you back to calm summer nights in the garden.

Care and Use

Use with caution if you have never used Lavender spray previously. If you are buying for a child or pet please look at our more suitable lavender products for sale.

*Do not use directly in the eyes. Do not ingest. Do not use full strength on children or pets especially if they’ve never been exposed to herbal sprays before. 

Connect with us on Instagram and share your thoughts on the 8 Hours blend! This is an all-natural pure product made direct from our lavender farm in Kelowna, BC.

Additional information

Weight .939 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7.25 in


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