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Lavender Season in Kelowna :: 2020 Update

Upcoming 2020 Lavender Season at McKinley Lavender Farm in Kelowna, BC At the start of every lavender season in Kelowna, we provide an update to our customers about news from around our lavender farm. NOTE ON COVID-19 – I began writing this post before the Covid-19 outbreak began. I have provided updates throughout as to how we are adjusting to…

Farm Life

Spring/Summer 2019 Update

We’ve been quietly planning for spring and summer 2019. As we commit further to make this our full time “job” we’ve made some big advances in planning and execution. We started on a whim adding over 3500 Tulips in between the Lavender rows this fall and then that whim quickly turned into a serious plan. So, we’ve cleared more space…

Farm Life

Lavender Farm :: Summer 2018

We want to thank everyone for the continued interest! We have been inundated with tour buses, drive-bys, phone calls, emails and well, you guys have pretty much thrown out the bat signal to see when we are open! Unfortunately, we are still not open to the public – yet. We anticipate opening the farm gates next year for all of…

Farm Life

Walk Around the Lavender Farm

The Okanagan summer has officially landed! We are thrilled to see that 100% of our lavender crop made it through what was an unusually cold, snowy winter and on top of all that snow we were also met with an unprecedented rainy spring. The heat is now here and temperatures are beginning to soar, which make for very happy, healthy…

Farm Life/Floral/Lavender Tips

Ten Ways to use Lavender :: Winter Edition

When winter hits (at least here in Canada) it’s easy to forget that you could have ever spent most of your recent days living and enjoying the outdoors.  The dark, cold, wet and often snowy climate can leave most of us dreaming of longer hotter days. If you’re like most of us and you want to reminisce about warmer weather…

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