An Update on Our Lavender Farm Kelowna + Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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An Update on Our Lavender Farm Kelowna + Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

2024 is off to a rocky start for our lavender farm Kelowna. The Okanagan climate has been experiencing fluctuating temperatures, creating a confusing environment for several plants growing on our property. While lavender is undoubtedly hardy, the inconsistency in weather poses a significant challenge for our crop. In light of these changes, we thought it would be fitting to provide a brief farm update showcasing some of the noteworthy occurrences we’ve seen over the winter.

In addition to this, we’ll also share some lavender-themed gift ideas, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Lavender Farm Kelowna: Winter Update

December 2023 marked one of the warmest starts to winter that B.C. has ever experienced. Kelowna locals rarely go without a white Christmas. However, this year, snow didn’t arrive until late-January. Instead, December temperatures mirrored that of spring with record-breaking highs in several B.C.  cities. The highest temperature recorded in Kelowna during December was 8 degrees Celsius. Given the consistent warm weather, many of the plants on our property began their spring blooming. From lavender to roses, nearly all of our floral plants had brand new buds, as if winter had never happened. This unexpected phenomenon caused an early burst of life to our usually dormant winter landscape. 

The early blooming of our plants has caused unforeseen challenges that we won’t be able to deal with until the spring. Despite the warm December weather, January finally took a turn for the cold. With low temperatures reaching -28 degrees Celsius, very shortly after the pictures below were taken. This sudden cold snap is likely to have caused damage to several of our perennial plants, including our lavender crop. However, we remain optimistic that our plants will pull through. 

Several Kelowna and Okanagan residents have noted this same phenomenon occurring in their gardens or on their farms. According to a local news article, a Kelowna resident could pick a full bouquet of snapdragons from her garden in December.  We also have snaps appearing everywhere! While they’re pretty to see, we’re also pretty worried about what this weather event signifies.  Others noted that their grasses and different varieties of perennial flowers remained alive throughout the month. However, most share our worry that the recent cold snap will cause lasting damage. 

Until the spring, we won’t know how this winter will have affected our plants. Despite this, we’re hopeful that when the weather warms we’ll be able to overcome any obstacles and continue to cultivate a thriving lavender farm.  

Below are a few pictures taken around the farm on January 7th. Chives anyone?

Lavender-Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re looking for a simple, yet, creative way to show your loved ones that you care, we have some excellent lavender-themed ideas. Check them out and get inspired!

Lavender essential oil is the perfect gift for any person in your life. Its relaxing properties and silky texture make this oil a versatile item. Use it in aromatherapy or as part of your self-care routine. Our handcrafted lavender oil is high-quality and made with natural, local ingredients. Known for its soothing properties, lavender essential oil is both the perfect fragrance and a great stress reliever. Encourage those you love most to indulge in relaxation by diffusing the oil in their living spaces or adding it to their nighttime routine. 

Lavender room spray (lavender hydrosol) makes a great gift for those who love a fresh-smelling living space. This spray can be used as a natural room deodorizer to keep things smelling clean and fragrant. Spritz in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, car, or even your gym bag to combat odours. You can also use it in place of a scented candle to create a calming atmosphere inside your home.  

If oils and hydrosols don’t tickle your fancy, consider some of the lavender-themed accessories we offer. For instance, our Lavender Jack’s branded tote bags. Or, our large, gourmet coffee mugs! The tote bags come in cream or olive and can store your daily needs. Whether that be groceries, a laptop, school essentials, or travel items. As for our coffee mugs, they are offered in four different colours including mustard, olive, rose, and dusty pink. Elevate your morning coffee with one of our high-grade ceramic mugs!

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