lavender cocktails/Recipes

Lavender Whiskey Sour

Looking for a new seasonal drink to warm you up on those cold winter nights?  McKinley Lavender Farm has you covered with a unique spin on a classic cocktail. Ingredients: Ice Cubes or Chilled Whiskey Balls 2oz Whiskey (we prefer Jack Daniels around here) Lavender Infused Sour Syrup (see #10 here for the recipe) Dried Lavender Sprigs (garnish) Directions: Fill…


Lavender Lemonade

If life gives you lemons…add lavender and make pink lemonade!  This is one of our favorite, summer time recipes to easily infuse lavender into your life. Ingredients: Ice Cubes Cold Water 2 cup Hot Water 1/4 cup Dried Lavender Leaves OR 2 TBSP of Dried Lavender Flowers (The dried lavender flower buds are much stronger, so you won’t need as…

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