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Starbucks Lavender Powder Ingredients and the Benefits of Buying Real Farm Made Lavender Syrup!

Starbucks recently launched its spring menu and we weren’t surprised to see a heavy focus on lavender-based drinks using their proprietary Starbucks lavender powder ingredients. We’re on the cusp of launching our first culinary lavender products at McKinley Lavender Farm. Two of the most requested items that our customers have been begging for us to bring to market, have finally…

lavender cocktails/Recipes

Lavender Whiskey Sour

Looking for a new seasonal drink to warm you up on those cold winter nights?  McKinley Lavender Farm has you covered with a unique spin on a classic cocktail. Ingredients: Ice Cubes or Chilled Whiskey Balls 2oz Whiskey (we prefer Jack Daniels around here) Lavender Infused Sour Syrup (see #10 here for the recipe) Dried Lavender Sprigs (garnish) Directions: Fill…

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