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How Can You Preserve Dried Lavender?

Lavender has a variety of uses. However, to get the most out of its benefits, it is often required that you use dried buds. From culinary creations to aromatherapy, dried lavender is incredibly versatile. By preserving your fresh lavender, you can ensure that its fragrance and utility remain for years to come. We get several questions from customers each day…

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Blog Recap: Kelowna Lavender Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift!

We cannot believe that it is already December! It feels like just yesterday that we were finishing our first harvest and prepping Lavender Jack’s for its opening day. This year has been huge for our Kelowna lavender farm in terms of growth and development. Over the course of the last eleven months, we’ve unveiled new products, opened a storefront, and…

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2022 Harvest Update!

It’s that time of year when we experience all the fun of harvesting our 2022 lavender farm in Kelowna! Getting to this year’s lavender harvest was very different than last year‘s journey! The heat dome crushed us last year. It was so hot, so fast and so early that we were scrambling to cut everything at once. We were saddened…