An Update on Our Lavender Farm in the Okanagan

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An Update on Our Lavender Farm in the Okanagan

After a long Okanagan winter and abnormal spring temperatures, our summer on the farm isn’t looking the same as it has years previous. While many of our plants are doing exceptionally well with the warmer temperatures, some are a little slow to begin blooming. Now that we are almost in June, we thought it would be a good time to give an update on our lavender farm in the Okanagan. In this article, we will be going over what’s blooming right now and what plants are soon to bloom. Follow along below to learn more about the current state of our farm!

What’s Flourishing on Our Lavender Farm in the Okanagan?

  • Purple Robina – Locust Trees

The plants that are doing the best on our farm right now are our Purple Robe Locust trees. These floral giants have been family favourites since we first started our farm many years ago. Although, we have to say that their beauty comes at a cost—that is if you hate cleaning thousands of flower petals. But, all things aside, if you want a gorgeous, fast-growing tree, locusts are an excellent choice!

They aren’t for the lazy gardener, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance tree this isn’t it. They’re susceptible to breakage in winds because they grow so fast, tall, and whispy. They’re also a touch invasive. You’ll find suckers in all kinds of places and if you don’t get to trimming them somewhat regularly then you can have a bigger job on your hands when you finally get around to it. Their beauty in the spring is unrivaled and that makes all the mess, and maintenance worth it for us. We also have Honey Locusts and White Robina trees on the property. They aren’t as showy as the Purple’s but they provide great shade and a really interesting canopy against the other shrubs and plants. 

  • Tree Lilacs

Another plant that is flourishing in the spring weather, is our tree lilacs. Not only do they smell fantastic, but they also provide great privacy. The sweet scent of these baby purple flowers is a sure sign that summer is on its way! We have a couple of lilac trees and close to 20 purple, pink, and white lilac bushes on the farm. We’ve never been able to catch the essence of lilacs in our products yet, but it’s something we have on our very long agenda!

Climate concerns really hit home this year! 

Roses are a big part of our farm. We love the traditional look of roses paired with lavender. After this incredibly long, cold winter, we were dreading the effect on our roses. Unfortunately, we were right to be concerned. We lost two of our biggest red rose producers and numerous roots that were planted last fall. In addition, we experienced a really strange phenomenon that we’ve only ever read about but never experienced. All of our roses in one, especially colourful rose bed, almost all turned red.

Previously, they were yellow, cream, peach, pink, and other great combos of bright and beautiful rose colours. In fact, there wasn’t a red rose planted in this garden when we started. When it came time for them to flush this spring, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All except for two, had reverted back to red. We have a video going up on Instagram shortly if you want to check it out. It’s not something you see every day. 

Overall, most of the roses were just really slow to wake up. With a little Okanagan heat, we are finally starting to see them flush in all their glory. Combined with the purple of the lavender it’s definitely something to witness. This is especially exciting because we will be able to distill the petals of the roses and turn them into rose water (rose hydrosol). Rose hydrosol is a water-based product that works great as a room spray, deodorizer, or refreshing body mist. And you will be able to pick up a bottle of this heavenly scent very soon from our shop 🙂

  • Mock Orange

This spring our mock orange plants have been blooming like crazy! These cute white flowers are not to be missed and make great soap alternatives. Not to mention, mock orange plants have an aroma that truly lives up to their citrusy name. 

Okanagan lavender farm

  • Marmots

While they aren’t plants, they sure seem to be thriving this spring. Marmots have been ever so present on our property in the past few months. We’ve spotted all different shapes and sizes as they scurry to sunbathe on our rocky property. If you notice an influx of marmots near your home, be sure to check your vehicle every so often to make sure these critters haven’t wreaked havoc on your car! 

What About Our Lavender?

Climate change has been a battle that all farmers have been facing in the Okanagan. As well as, in other parts of the world. This year the wine industry was hit hard after a devastating cold snap that harmed many grape crops across the valley. However, it’s not just grapes that appear to be suffering this year. 

Due to the strange weather this winter and spring our lavender plants aren’t looking the way that they usually would. Instead of beginning to bloom like normal, they appear to be very behind on growth. We imagine that this is the case for most lavender plants in the Okanagan region. However, although the plants may seem dead and brittle, it is important to not rip them out of the ground just yet. Despite the fact that our lavender plants haven’t bloomed on schedule, they are still very much alive! And, we expect that they will begin to flower sometime in June or early July. 

If your plants seem to be behind on growth, we recommend that you wait a while longer before digging them up. The long winter and abnormal spring temperatures have put a strain on many Okanagan plants. We predict that they will need a bit of extra care and attention before they start to bloom. So, don’t give up on your plants just yet! Instead, continue watering your plants regularly and giving them lots of nutrients. 

Contact Our Lavender Farm in the Okanagan Today!

Our farm has lots in the works for this spring 😉 Be sure to stay tuned to our social media, website, and blog until the opening date of Lavender Jack’s! As always, if you have any questions about purchasing products from our lavender farm in the Okanagan, feel free to contact us. Or, if you have any inquiries about Lavender Jack’s, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to welcoming you soon at our new location! 

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