Update on Lavender Jack’s Lavender Shop Kelowna!

2023 Harvest/Lavender Jacks

Update on Lavender Jack’s Lavender Shop Kelowna!

The time is getting near! We are thisclose to opening our lavender shop in Kelowna to the masses. Starting in early July 2023 you should hear the music and see our new open-air cafe spring into action. Our La Marzocco espresso machine has arrived from Italy and will be set up this week, ready to serve JJ Bean coffee. The rest of our refrigeration and kitchen equipment is coming very soon. Once we have everything in its place we’ll be playing around to finalize some recipes and very shortly afterward you should see our Folding Sliding Doors open for business!

This Kelowna Lavender shop is planning to start off slow

Mostly because we’re hoping that our patio furniture arrives soon. Our patio will be the best place in town to enjoy the lake view with a coffee 🙂 We’re also smack dab in the middle of our first lavender harvest of the year. That means we will have a place for you to pick up fresh and dried lavender bundles in Kelowna this summer. We have a bunch of cool products coming your way like, garnishes, lavender syrups, lemonades, varietal buds, and bundles in the most drool-worthy packaging you’ve ever seen for flowers. Eventually, we will be adding everything from our farm into the mix. This will be an amazing stop for residents in the University District of Kelowna. We expect to have fresh produce, pumpkins, and lots of flowers for sale as we continue to grow and expand our farm product line. We’re just getting started and expect to be a must-see fixture on the Kelowna tour scene as we grow and expand our products.

In the meantime, we’re finally sharing some sneak peeks of the renovation below.

We hop to see you soon in July and throughout the seasons, here in Kelowna!


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