Lavender Simple Syrup – Original

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Lavender Simple Syrup – Original


Simple Syrup – Original 

Our artisanal lavender simple syrup, has been carefully crafted to capture the bold flavours of our lavender harvest. Wholesale inquiries are welcomed!

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Original Lavender Syrup

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Introducing McKinley Lavender Farm’s Original Lavender Simple Syrup, a luxurious addition to your pantry with its thick, indulgent texture and unparalleled flavour. Made from our hand-harvested English Culinary lavender, this syrup offers a unique twist on a classic ingredient. You’ll want to pour it into your lattes and add it to your cookie recipes as you prepare to hibernate!

Packaged in 750ml glass bottles, our syrup is not just for beverages—it’s a versatile kitchen companion. Use it as a substitute for vanilla or other flavourings in your baking creations, adding a hint of floral sophistication to cakes, cookies, and more.

What sets our syrup apart is its original flavour profile. Unlike any other syrup on the market, ours is crafted with care to ensure a rich, authentic taste that elevates any dish or drink.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome, allowing businesses to bring a touch of luxury to their offerings. Elevate your menu with our simple syrup and delight your customers with its decadent flavour. It’s an innovative way to create new flavour profiles for your menu every season!

And don’t forget, we’re happy to ship our syrup right to your door, making it easy to add a dash of sophistication to your culinary creations. Experience the indulgence of McKinley Lavender Farm’s Original Lavender Syrup—it’s more than just a syrup, it’s a culinary essential.


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