The English Are Back!

Hidcote Blue, Folgate, Royal Velvet and Super Blue are here! Orders start shipping the 2nd week of July! Stay tuned for even more shop updates! The French are coming!

Okanagan Grown Bulk Dried Lavender

McKinley Lavender Farm grows and sells bulk dried lavender at wholesale pricing. Our farm is located in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia and we ship dried lavender throughout North America.

Our lavender farm in Kelowna specializes in dried bulk lavender for industrial or commercial use. Therefore, we ship large quantities of lavender everywhere in North America.  This makes ordering our lavender a great choice for re-sellers of one of the world’s most versatile herbs!

The farm is not currently open to the public and unfortunately, we do not anticipate opening in 2020! However, please check often for more information on our farm.

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Shop for dried lavender bundles, buds and stems! Okanagan grown lavender is an ideal herbal ingredient so that your projects smell their dreamiest. Lavender is probably one of the most recognized and coveted scents in beauty and self care products, so you can't go wrong when including it!

Bulk dried lavender

Choosing between English or French Lavender is easy!

Okanagan Dried Lavender

Dried and fresh Lavender from the Okanagan is fast becoming an industry to watch. At McKinley Lavender Farm in Kelowna, British Columbia, we grow, harvest, dry, package and ship some of the most popular varieties of English and French lavender. Therefore we have a great selection for whatever your needs!

Lavender buds and bundles are marketed in bulk quantity and offered at wholesale pricing. Due to its popular scent, our bulk dried lavender can be used in products and scents from candles to health, beauty and herbal remedies.

May-September is our active growing season.  We also grow many other complimentary flowers and herbs around our farm. We offer fresh seasonal market bundles and lavender bouquets for sale, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for up to the minute updates!

Also, if you want to learn more about the differences between some of the varieties of lavender we grow visit our lavender page.

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dried bulk lavender

What’s Happening in 2020 at MKL!

We encourage you to stay up to date with new releases and harvest dates by regularly checking our website and Instagram account.  Also, please chat with us if you have any questions that can’t be answered from our site!

This year we are adding over 1000 new lavender plants to our farm, including some varieties such as the White Ellagance which are 100% new to us!

We start HARVESTING our lavender in late May early June depending on the weather and growing conditions. As a result, you can be rest assured – there’s lots of lavender on the way!

We’ll also have our fresh local market bundles popping up for local delivery this spring! Tulips, lilacs, roses, peonies and more! These burlap wrapped, flowers are the perfect gift and pick me up.  If all goes well with our over wintering Dahlias, then we should also have a great summer selection too!

Towards the fall we will release a very limited quantity of oils, sprays and other topical products derived from our bulk dried lavender.  These will probably sell out very fast so keep your eyes peeled!

We remind you that the farm is not open to the public at this time, however our lavender plants, flowers and dried buds are always available online.

We can’t wait to hear from you in 2020!