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dried bulk lavender buds
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Bulk Dried Lavender Buds


Save time and get that highly coveted lavender scent for your next commercial craft and apothecary project!  We sell bulk dried lavender buds in quantities small enough for an Etsy creator and large enough for any health and beauty producer. We use a blend of hand and machine sifted dried lavender in our mixed buds.  We also choose to include a mix of parts of the plant. You will find our mix contains stems, flowers, leaves and buds. This mixture allows for the highest concentration of lavender aroma in your project.  These mixed bags of non-culinary lavender all have an outstanding scent that will last for years!

Do you need lavender for cooking or making edible products? Check out our culinary lavender for sale here

See below for all the uses of dried lavender, as well as tips on how to calculate how much lavender you need for your product.

We can ship dried lavender products anywhere in North America!

hidcote blue lavender flowers
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Dried Bundles :: Hidcote Blue Lavender


Dried Hidcote Blue Lavender Flowers are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of twenty bundles per order.

Hidcote Blue is an ENGLISH variety of ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ that sees dark blue-purple flowers on medium spikes. Hidcote Blue flowers in mid-summer. It is an excellent variety for drying. Height 12″-18″

culinary lavender-buds
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Culinary Lavender Buds


Chefs rejoice we have high quality English lavender buds for your culinary pursuits available for a limited time! Our culinary lavender buds sell out fast every year, so stock up while you can!

Our culinary lavender has the sweetest fragrance among all species of lavender, which creates flavor in cooking. We only package our English plants for culinary use. The flower buds from these varieties give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavor. Choose your size depending on the amount of baking, cooking and imbibing you plan on doing by referencing the dry goods chart below!

Warning – cooking with lavender is highly addictive. Great for tea making, simple syrup, and whatever your imagination can cook up!

Our culinary buds come shipped in a 1 cup glass jar and are sealed tight with a lid to ensure they arrive fresh. Order’s are packaged 12 to a box. Minimum order is one box or 12 jars (approx. 12 cups | 1536g | 1.5 kg | 3.38lbs).

We Ship Everywhere in North America!

dried grass for sale
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Dried Grass Feather Reed


Dried Feather Reed Grass Bundles are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried Feather Reed Grass bundles cut from our farm grown Karl Foerster grasses are now offered for sale while supplies last!

Feather Reed grass is an upright, golden variety of dried grass that makes a stunning focal for any arrangement. Not only does feather grass last for years it is also an amazing variety to use when you need to make a big statement!

Shipped in 5ft lengths

Great for weddings, events, large displays, floral arches and arrangements that require maximum height & fullness

Super Blue Dried Lavender Bundles
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Dried Bundles :: Super Blue Lavender


Dried Super Blue Lavender Bundles are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of twenty bundles per order.

Super Blue Lavender is a highly fragrant variety with violet-blue dainty and delicate blooms and slightly wider leaves than most other varieties.

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