OK Valley Oxford Pennant

OK Valley Oxford Pennant


OK Valley Oxford Pennant

Hang it up and remember the good times you’ve had or are having right now in the OK Valley.




OK Valley Oxford Pennant

Salute the beautiful Valley of the Okanagan! You’re either here for a good time (tourist) or here for a long time (local) either way we know you love it. And, what’s not to love? Those rolling green orchards that frame the surrounding lakes from Vernon to Osoyoos will get you every time. There’s nothing quite like a summer spent in the OK Valley. This pennant was designed to encapsulate some of that summer nostalgia.  Landmarks like Kelowna’s infamous City Park Sails Fountain Statue are part of the sun, waves, and fun motif representing your time in the OK Valley. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for life or here for the long weekend. What matters is that you remember it with this Oxford Pennant.

Where would I put this?

If you’re fond of Kelowna then we know you’re fond of fun. Therefore you must have a space that’s equally fun for this OK Valley Oxford pennant to be proudly displayed. Hang it in the rec room, kids room, home office, or bathroom. It also works in vacation homes, airstreams, and beach houses. In addition, we’re fond of seeing them at weddings, events, and even reunions. The point is, they go anywhere, really.  Remember to tag us on Instagram #lavenderjacks when you find a home for yours.

Looking for another way to get your OK Valley Oxford Pennant? Word on the street is that you can pick one up here at Kelowna’s best brewery!


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 9.5 × 1 in


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