Kelowna Oxford Pennant

Kelowna Oxford Pennant


Kelowna Oxford Pennant

Gifting is made easy with a Kelowna Oxford Pennant! Give them something different and memorable!




Kelowna Oxford Pennant

Welcome to Kelowna, and welcome to this fun. locally designed Oxford Pennant. Oxford pennants are having a moment and this locally designed, felt slice is a refreshing way to remember this Okanagan hot spot. The Kelowna Oxford Pennant has a few key design elements that are symbolic of the region. First, we have the bear. Some may know, that the name derives from the tale of August Gillard, one of the first settlers who emerged from an underground refuge just as a band of First Nation people happened to be passing by. The indigenous locals exclaimed, “Kim-ach-touch,” signifying Brown Bear. Gradually, this evolved into Kelowna, signifying Grizzly Bear, a more accessible pronunciation. Next, we have lavender and peach leaves weaved in gold throughout the wordmark. Our region is ripe with agriculture and nothing says Kelowna more than peaches. Nothing says Lavender, like Lavender Jack’s.

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These pennants make for unique gifts. Chances are that whomever you’re gifting will not receive a duplicate and sometimes that’s half the battle with gift giving! So, if you have a wedding, baby shower, or even a retirement party, then give them something cool to remember their favourite place on earth.

Looking for something that says summertime? Then check out our OK Valley Oxford Pennant? Annnnd if you’re looking for some brews to celebrate then you can pick one up here at Kelowna’s best brewery!


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Dimensions 27.5 × 9.5 × 1 in


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