How to prune and harvest lavender

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How to prune and harvest lavender

If you’re new to harvesting lavender and wondering what you need to do, don’t worry cause we’ve got you covered. Proper pruning and harvesting of lavender ensures the plant will have a longer lifespan, and the plant will keep producing flowers for a very long time. Here is our guide on pruning and harvesting lavender.

dried lavender for sale,dried lavender bunches,dried lavender for salePrune and harvest when the flowers bloom

Pruning and harvesting your lavender are basically the same thing – you are removing the stalks from the bush. Doing this helps with new growth, keeps the plants look fresh, and will leave you with anywhere from 1 to 8 bunches of fresh lavender. You want to cut your lavender when the flowers have just opened in the spring time. Make sure you are monitoring your lavender in the early spring do you can catch them right when they are opening. If you do this at the right time, the plants may have time to produce more flowers for another harvest.



dried lavender for sale,dried lavender bunches,dried lavender for saleGather lavender in bunches

Using your hands gather the lavender in bunches, just enough to fit in each hand. The stalks of lavender plants are quite durable, so don’t worry about breaking or tearing them. In its first year, a lavender bush will normally produce enough flowers for 1-2 bunches. Usually around the 3rd year is when lavender bushes reach full maturity, and they will produce around 8-10 bunches, and you will have some great dried lavender bunches.

Cutting the lavender

By examining the lavender closely, you will notice that it is rooted in the ground with a woody growth, and above that are the green stalks. Cutting into this woody growth can badly hurt the plant, so make sure you cut about 2 inches above the end of the woody growth.

dried lavender for sale,dried lavender bunches,dried lavender for saleCutting in the right order

Typically the first harvest will be early in the flower cycle, but the bush will continue to grow more flowers through the season. Smaller variety lavender can sometimes grow in patches, and will need to be harvested in a timely order to help with de-flowering.

Removing Dead Leafs

You will want to remove any dead leaf matter, so make sure you cut back any dead stalks, and any other plant debris. You are always going to be pruning for harvest, but sometimes it’s a good idea to prune plant matter near the end of the season. Make sure not to cut the woody growth.

For more information on pruning and harvesting lavender, or if you’re just looking to buy dried lavender for sale, or dried lavender bunches, contact us at McKinley Lavender Farm today!

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