How the Heat Dome Affected This Year’s Lavender For Sale?

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How the Heat Dome Affected This Year’s Lavender For Sale?

Late last June, the Pacific Northwest region experienced what is called a heat dome. This extraordinary event caused irreparable damage to many crops and farmland throughout the affected areas. Because of this, we are now seeing the long-term effects of last year’s heat dome. 2021’s record-setting temperatures have certainly had an impact on this year’s lavender for sale. Find out more about the heat dome and how it has impacted our farm in the article below. 

What is a Heat Dome? And Where, What and Who Did it Affect?

A heat dome is said to occur when there is a high-pressure circulation in the atmosphere that acts like a dome or cap. This combined with the influence of La Nina can create sweltering heat. The dome then traps the heat at the surface and favours the shaping of a heat wave. 

Several provinces and states were affected by the heat dome in June of 2021. In Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Labrador were all affected by the heat dome. In the United States, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, and Washington were also subjected to high temperatures from this event. However, the highest temperatures that were recorded, were all in British Columbia. The heat wave peaked between June 28-29 and most records were set on the 28th. Although, the highest temperature recorded in Canada was set in Lytton on the 29th measuring a whopping 49.6 degrees Celsius.

Such extreme temperatures negatively affected plants, wildlife, and people. Plants with exposed foliage were scorched, new growth was hindered and soil was dried up. Farmers experienced a variety of problems because the sun was inhibiting growth and frying the crops. Many fruit and vegetable farms yielded half of what they’d normally produce because of such extreme heat. Combating drought, raging wildfires, and deathly temperatures was a farmer’s everyday battle almost a year ago today.  

Our Lavender For Sale and The Heat Dome.

Last year our crops were subjected to the same extreme temperatures that caused wildfires to ravish entire BC towns and destroy plant growth and crops. Despite this, our lavender remained resilient as ever and produced plenty of purple flowers for all to enjoy. We attribute their success in such a hot climate to their Mediterranean roots. Lavender has long done well in countries like Italy, France, and Spain. In these countries, it is common to have periods of drought and high heat. Thus, preparing our plants for unprecedented temperatures. 

Contrary to other plants, lavender does well in dry and sandy conditions. In fact, there is more risk of harming the plant by over-watering, than under-watering. This is because the roots do better when the soil has time to dry out between periods of watering. During hot weather, it is not necessary to water the established plants more often than normal. However, it is important to give them a good soak every now and then to promote root growth and overall health. Although, over watering can quickly lead to root rot. One of the most common signs of root rot is lavender which appears as though it is drooping. Furthermore, lavender tends to have a particularly hard time during humid climates and can experience mold growth and root rot. This is why it is not recommended to water lavender during humid spells. 

How Has Our Lavender Been Affected?

While our lavender prevailed through last year’s hot season, we have noticed some changes in one variety this season. In 2021, the only variety of lavender to show some damage from the heat dome was our beloved French Phenomenal Lavender. During the extremely hot days, our French plants were burnt in some places. This was noticeable after harvesting the first summer bundles last season. Fast forward to June of 2022, and we are now seeing some of the long-term effects of the heat dome.  A few of our established French plants have sunburns and 4 plants appear dead and are not producing flowers. The sunburnt plants are struggling, however, we will harvest what we can from them and rehabilitate the plants this Autumn. 

This year’s harvests will still be as beautiful and fragrant as ever, despite the 2021 heat dome. Cooler temperatures and many rainy days have helped strengthen our purple pals! If you are interested in purchasing some of our dried lavender for sale, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you find the right product for your needs. For more information about our farm, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to taking care of your order!

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