Hidcote Giant French Lavender

Giant Hidcote French Lavender

French lavender plants for sale Canada

Hidcote Giant French Lavender

MKL Farm sells dried and fresh Hidcote Giant French Lavender plants and bundles.

The Hidcote Giant variety is a tall French plant, therefore it is not to be confused with the dwarf English Hidcote Blue variety!  This plant has been named ‘Giant’ to reflect it’s large size. Hidcote Giant Lavender flowers late in the summer season and produces a very elegant looking evergreen shrub that lasts well into the fall.

Facts about Hidcote Giant Lavender:

Variety: French (Lavandula Intermedia)

Name: Hidcote Giant Lavender

Height: 24-30″ tall

Color: Purple elegant blooms

Qualities: Highly aromatic makes a very unique, tall cut bundle

Hidcote Giant Lavender is an easy to maintain evergreen, which produces super tall cut bundle sizes!

Hidcote Giant Lavender is a beautiful plant, that’s almost too pretty to cut. The cut flowers are stunningly tall and bundles make for showstopping arrangements. Use these tall cut lavender bundles on their own in fresh or dried floral arrangements or mix them with other complimentary flowers. Hidcote Giant Lavender is a very versatile herbaceous flower. 

Renowned for it’s highly aromatic scent, the Hidcote Giant Lavender is a FRENCH ‘Lavandula Intermedia’ variety of lavender. It grows with a bushy mound of gray-green foliage and narrow, long stems of violet blue flower spikes. As a result, it makes a very elegant arrangement on it’s own. It is a more heat tolerant hybrid of the popular English lavender making it an easy choice for tough growing climates. This flowering herb is an evergreen variety and is a nice addition to any landscape because it creates a visual interest during the winter months in your garden.  

Hidcote Giant Lavender is a favorite of the French lavender varieties available at McKinley Lavender Farm!  Due to it’s large size it makes a picture perfect choice for dried or fresh bundles.  For that reason, it is also a preferred choice for weddings.  

Likewise, we also carry a limited quantity of fresh lavender plants for sale from McKinley Lavender Farm. Please reach out to us directly for more information on our plant inventory or see what’s new in our shop!

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