Dried Bundles :: Grosso Lavender


Dried Bundles :: Grosso Lavender

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Dried Grosso Lavender Bundles are available in wholesale quantity from MKL!

Dried lavender bundles are sold in wholesale quantity at a minimum of ten bundles per order.

Grosso Lavender is a FRENCH ‘Lavandula Intermedia’ with fragrant, silvery-grey foliage and pretty purple flowers on it’s spikes. This tall and whimsical variety of lavender is great for producing lots of mid quality lavender oil. It dries to a grey silvery colour with a subtle rose/grey flower colour, which it makes a nice addition to any muted bohemian coloured arrangement.

Height of a Mature Grosso Lavender Plant: 24-30″

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How to Care for your Dried Grosso Lavender Bundles

Dried Grosso lavender bundles are a beautiful and substantial lavender plant selection.  Keep your dried Grosso lavender in great shape with these tips for unpacking your dried lavender when it arrives and storing for the future.

Shedding buds: Dried lavender plants will commonly lose buds during transport! Don’t worry about it – this is very normal! We suggest you gather up any lost buds and other lavender material and store it in an airtight jar for future use.

Storage: If you aren’t planning on using your lavender right away you can leave it in the box until you’re ready. We ask that yu inspect it once upon arrival. Store the box in a cool location out of direct sunlight.

Uses: Visit our blog for information and recipes for your dried lavender!

Grosso Lavender

Variety: French (Lavandula Intermedia)

Name: Grosso Lavender

Height: 24-30″ tall

Color: Purple blooms

Qualities: Fragrant, unique dried colour, excellent for making higher yields of lavender oil

Grosso is a very commonly found tall french lavender variety. It is known for it’s common lavender scent and ability to create a lot of oil when distilled. It has the most recognized scent of lavender, so it makes it an easy choice when selecting lavender for craft, commercial and industrial uses. Grosso lavender is very unique when dried. It’s purple blooms and green foliage take on a pretty, muted bohemian colour palette once completely dry. Combined with it’s impressively tall spears, Grosso makes for a high impact centerpiece at weddings. It is an easy to work with flowering herb and is a great choice for anyone looking to generate a lot of oil. If you need a high volume of common lavender scent in your project it is also a good choice!


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