Clearance -Dried Lavender Bundles 2021 Season


Clearance -Dried Lavender Bundles 2021 Season


End of season clearance pricing on dried lavender bundles! Boxes are sold with a minimum order quantity of 20 bundles per box. These are mix and match boxes prepared from the varieties that are left in stock. Blue Hidcote, Super Blue, Deep Purple Lavance, and White Elagance. This is the best deal on lavender all year so shop early to avoid disappointment! See additional information below for useful details before you purchase!

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Clearance pricing on dried lavender bundles

It’s that time of year when we make room for the new harvest with clearance pricing on dried lavender bundles! We had a great season last year and as a result, we have leftover dried bundles in stock! Get them now while they last, and check back soon for a spring update!

  1. Boxes of dried lavender bundles are sold with a minimum order quantity of 20 bundles per box
  2. These are mix and match – which means boxes could contain a mix of whatever in-stock varieties remain
  3. Initially, boxes will contain a mix of the following, until we run out: Blue Hidcote, Super Blue, Deep Purple Lavance, and White Elagance
  4. Order now and store somewhere cool for your upcoming events – dried lavender bundles make great aisle and chair swags and they last a reallllly long time!
  5. Great for use in culinary or craft projects – you can separate and use these bundles to collect your own lavender buds. In fact, we even include a 1 cup glass jar with every order!

What to expect when you receive your clearance dried lavender?

When lavender is dried properly it can last a very long time. It’s important in order for lavender to last a long time that it is free from mould. Mould will give lavender a very unpleasant barn-like smell, which confuses the scent. Our lavender is flat laid on wire racks in a sheltered space with ample air circulation after harvesting. This ensures that the lavender is free from mould and that the scent is consistent with when it was first harvested. The lavender you are receiving on clearance is from our 2021 harvest.  It is still highly fragrant and it has also been carefully stored to prevent bud loss. You can always expect some bud loss when we ship dried lavender. The severity will depend on where you are located in relation to us here in Kelowna, BC, and other anomalies out of our control. We pack the lavender as tightly as possible to help stabilize the bundles from too much jostling. In addition, we separate each row with recyclable kraft paper and include a 1 cup glass jar so that you may collect any buds lost in transit for repurposing.

Unpacking your box of dried lavender.

Carefully cut open the top of the box of clearance dried lavender with the black MKL Label on the corner. This is the top of the box. There will be a layer of kraft paper separating the first row of bundles from the top of the box. The bundles could have shifted during transport. Locate the stems and follow the stem with your eyes back up to the floret. Carefully separate the dried lavender floret if it has stuck to the dried bundle adjacent. Some lavender buds will shed, don’t panic! You can lose a lot of buds before visibly noticing it on the lavender stem, so you don’t need to be too delicate.  Repeat this until you get to the final row. Locate the glass bud jar and collect any buds that have been lost in the process.

Please get in touch if you have any questions before you order!



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